How Did This Get Started?

On December 31, 2020, a member of the National Prayer Committee sent a personal note to dozens of denominational heads, key pastors, ministry executives, and USA prayer leaders. The passionate plea emphasized the urgency of the hour and the nation’s need for prayer and repentance.

The plea was intended to motivate ‘someone’ to host a virtual prayer

event that might find traction at the grass-roots level and become a touch-point for national humility and unity in prayer for spiritual awakening. What was suggested was a national, virtual prayer meeting.

Significant email exchanges and direct conversations occurred. Multiple dates were suggested and consistently pushed forward. Finally, in a kind of Dunkirk Moment, a plan was set forward to begin the process of conducting a national virtual prayer meeting on Monday and Tuesday, March 15-16.

The United States needs a profound spiritual awakening. And its churches are languishing and in need of a transforming, revitalizing revival. The only hope for the nation is another Great Awakening. God commanded Ezekiel, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry Bones, hear the word of the Lord!’” (Ezekiel 37:4 NIV). It is time to speak life into a dying nation.

In the 1730s and the 1740s, the American colonies were in dire straits morally and spiritually. The church was languishing. The faith of the nation was failing. Then came the First Great Awakening with the preaching of George Whitefield. John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards are also noted for their contributions. Still, it was Whitefield who preached from Boston to Charleston. He rarely preached without weeping. A consistent theme was, “Flee from the wrath to come!”

It is estimated that 80 percent of the American population heard him preach at least once. His field-preaching regularly drew crowds in the thousands to hear a simple message of repentance and change. By 1750, virtually every colonialist knew about him and loved him (Stout, “Heavenly Comet,” Christian History, 38 [1993], 13–14). The spiritual revival that swept through the colonies, especially with the influence of Whitefield, arguably turned the spiritual and moral tide and gave birth to the impetus for the colonies to become a nation. It galvanized them. It renewed their spiritual faith and deepened their Christian roots. It strengthened their resolve. It sharpened their sense of purpose as a people. That spiritual awakening gave birth to the nation.

Now we need another awakening to save it.

America’s National Virtual Prayer Meeting will occur on Monday, March 15, and Tuesday, March 16, and the hours between. This live-streamed meeting will begin at Central Church of God in Charlotte, NC, with Pastor Loran Livingston and his congregation in prayer. After the Livestream, prayer afterglows will be led by James Pool of the well-known revival ministry, OneCry, and Ben Atkinson, of SEALED, a millennial and GenZ prayer ministry.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, various hosts and other guests will join the Livestream, presenting a collage of information and leading intercession. The virtual prayer meeting will then move to New York and Times Square Church with Pastor Carter Conlon.

All activities will be streamed at and social media sites. You are invited to join various national leaders for interviews, video clips, historical perspectives, and prayer. Dave Butts, Chairman of the National Prayer Committee, will launch the event.

To make this as effective as possible, we ask for your partnership.

You can embed the stream on your website and offer your own two-day prayer event. Use components. Conduct a watch party. Our prayer is that individuals, ministry leaders, and churches across the nation will use this as an opportunity to call their congregations to prayer. We pray for churches to open their doors, share the Livestream, invite viewers to stop for prayer, view the Livestream, and indeed, pray.

The ultimate goal? To launch a united, ongoing, prevailing prayer movement that will ignite a national spiritual awakening!