Our Why



To call the spiritual leaders of the nation, pastors of churches, and believers to prayer. To assert, with unwavering sincerity, that our only hope is a spiritual awakening. To do this via regular live-streamed updates, interviews, news reports, and prayer, featuring the voices of passionate leaders aiming to awaken the nation’s Christians and intercessors. These periodic events will be anchored by corporate prayer meetings partnered with live- streamed historical and Biblical perspectives and contemporary updates laced with prayer.


To see the nation experience a Great Spiritual Awakening out of the conviction that only such a God-sent revival can save us.


To encourage passionate, humble, travailing prayer until our hearts and homes are transformed, and our churches and communities experience the irresistible convicting grace of God resulting in repentance and the redirection of millions of lives, and as a consequence, a morally and spiritually transformed nation. To connect people in passionate intercession with a spiritual awakening in view. To encourage a rhythm of daily personal prayer, the family altar, weekly group prayer connections, monthly congregational gatherings, and quarterly community prayer events.


We exist to encourage passionate prayer for a revival in the church and a Great Awakening in the land, prompt churches to open their doors for prayer – declaring the church to be a house of prayer for the nation. Promote the rhythm of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly personal and corporate prayer connections. Facilitate communication about revival outbreaks and God-sightings. Identify national prayer needs and encourage intercession around those needs. Mutually promote prayer efforts across the nation, especially those focused on national revival. And last but not least, share and highlight resources helpful to the unity and prayer effort.

Who’s A Part of This Phenomenon?