Letter of Support

Letter From Dave Butts

Chairman, National Prayer Committee

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Every Great Awakening began with prayer. If ever we need, as a nation, a Great Awakening, it is now! On Monday, March 15 through Tuesday, March 16 , the National Prayer Committee, along with many other pray and revival ministries, is promoting a call to prayer – America’s Prayer Meeting. The virtual event will be Live-Streamed and available to individuals, ministries and churches across the nation.

We hope you will promote and participate in this event. Even more, we hope you will cobrand the event and make it your own. The design of the event will allow you to share it and do a watch party on social media. Beyond that, it will allow you to embed the signal on any site and co-host the event, using the streamed content as you choose.

The program is still in creation. The Monday-Tuesday event will be anchored by two exceptional prayer meetings. First, at Central Church in Charlotte on Monday with Pastor Loran Livingston. On Tuesday, the stream will come from Times Square in New York and Pastor Carter Conlon will offer a national challenge and call to prayer.

I will start the program off on Tuesday morning. A variety of hosts will lead the event with a balance of information, inspiration and intercession.

The website americapray.net should be up soon. And the content on that neutral site will grow. This event is not about any one ministry but is a growing collaboration between many ministries. I hope you will pray about calling the ministry you lead to pray, specifically on these two days! I know that this event and any subsequent events will not, by themselves, trigger revival. In conjunction with these information-intercession events, we are encouraging everyone to adopt the National Prayer Accord, a rhythm of persistent prayer – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. Personal, family, small-group, congregational, community prayer.

Together – let’s call the nation to prayer with Spiritual Awakening in view.

Dave Butts

President|Harvest Prayer Ministries

Chairman|America’s National Prayer