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Advocate With Us

How To Become An Advocacy Partner

How do we call a nation to pray – on the same day? For the same cause – revival in the church and awakening in the culture?

We do it together – in unity


You’re Needed

We need advocacy partners – people, like you, who will advocate, with us, for a Great Spiritual Awakening. Who will promote the cause of unified prayer and the national prayer accord.


Become An Advocate Easily

Simply send us a statement along with a photo and your ministry role. That means that you are agreeing, as much as possible, to help us promote the national prayer accord, prayer for the nation, and America’s Prayer Meeting. 

Example of an Advocacy Statement

“Our hope as a nation can only be found in God, in seeking God, together, in repenting and returning to God, both as individuals and as congregations. America Pray – I am praying for you.”

Very simple – your own words around the theme of prayer and awakening.

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