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On March 15-16, we need partners who will stream America’s Prayer Meeting on their site or social media. We will provide an URL so that the stream will be available on your website or social media platform.

Active/Passive Streaming

Your Options

If you want to be an active streaming partner, you can, for example, cobrand this event and call it your own, and co-host it, urging prayer for spiritual awakening to your followers or constituents, breaking away from the stream we provide, and then rejoining us.


This will be a quality event. In fact, at times, we will provide a break in our programming for you to identify yourself as a streaming partner. Your constituents know you, and trust you and this is an opportunity for all of us to reach those we influence and plead with them to pray for spiritual awakening.


To be a full partner, we ask you to consider opening your church or ministry center and displaying the stream. Invite members and friends to drop into your sanctuary or chapel, and watch the event, and pray.

Our Hope

We hope many ministries and churches will actively promote and join the corporate prayer meetings on both Monday and Tuesday night with two of America’s great congregations, both noted for prayer, Central Church in Charlotte, led by Pastor Loran Livingston, and Times Square, in New York, led by Pastor Carter Conlon. Throughout the day, we hope that ministries and congregations will partner with the live-stream and make America’s Prayer Meeting their own prayer meeting.

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Streaming Partnership

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